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SUN, AUG 21, 2016
Homeless Animals Day at the Alaska Zoo!

SAT, AUG 27, 2016
Board Meeting at Peggy's Restaurant, 1675 E 5TH Ave, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, SEP 6, 2016
Educational Meeting
Parrot 101

SAT, SEP 24, 2016
Board Meeting at Peggy's Restaurant, 1675 E 5TH Ave, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, OCT 4, 2016
Educational Meeting

SAT, OCT 22, 2016
Board Meeting at Peggy's Restaurant, 1675 E 5TH Ave, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, NOV 1, 2016
Educational Meeting

SAT, NOV 26, 2016
Board Meeting at Peggy's Restaurant, 1675 E 5TH Ave, Anchorage, 10-Noon

TUE, DEC 6, 2016
Holiday Potluck and Club Elections

Educational Meeting: Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Parrot 101: The Basics
Two ways to help the Alaska Bird Club:
Pick. Click. Give. Help The Alaska Bird Club through a donation from your PFD!
The Alaska Bird Club is now part of the Pick.Click.Give. program for those who apply for an Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend! It's an easy way to support the club financially and help us continue to provide education about parrots, and care for parrots in need of assistance. Please think about us when you apply for your PFD this year! You can find out more at the Pick. Click. Give. website!
You can help the Alaska Bird Club earn donations just by shopping with your
Fred Meyer rewards card!
Click here for more information!
The Alaska Bird Club is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of Alaska. Our mission is to promote responsible avian ownership through education and when possible, to provide rescue and adoption services for abandoned and unwanted birds in communities across Alaska.
Our Educational Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7:00 — 9:00 PM at the Serendipity Adult Day Services facility at 3550 E. 20th Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska. [MAP].
We love your birds, but please don't bring them to our meetings!
We usually have a bird of the month already attending. Thanks!
Consider Adoption
Adopt us!

Are you thinking of adding a parrot to your family? Have you considered adoption? There are many wonderful companion parrots looking for just the right home!

To start the process, please fill-out and submit our adoption application to get your name on our adoption registry. This will allow us to provide your contact information (name, phone number and e-mail address only) to the people who are seeking new homes for their parrots.

Adoption application:      Adobe PDF      MS Word

The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book: Second Edition
The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book, by Kris Porter

Created by Kris Porter, former Alaskan, this is a free book for all parrot owners. The book touches on toy making, types of toys, different toy materials, individual parrot preferences, shredders, refillable, foraging toys, food kabobs, even how to make fun and easy play gyms from PVC. It is an excellent resource, full of good suggestions and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Print out a copy and share it with your friends, or keep it in your personal library, it will come in very handy!

Click here for your copy!

Your 2016 Board of Directors
President:Lynda Lewis
Vice-President:Amber O'Neill
Secretary:Carrie Wallan
Treasurer:Jennifer Slaughter
Member-at-Large:Herb Lewis
Sergeant-at-Arms:David Briggs
President Emeritus:Garry Wallan


Our newsletter and web site need Birds of the Month, and you don't even have to be a member of the club! Send us a short story about your bird and any special information, in addition to up to two hi-resolution photographs. Please contact the club at akbirdclub@yahoo.com to submit your story or for more information!

Alaska Bird Club Store!

For all your Bird Club shopping needs!

The Alaska Bird Club store at Cafe Press is now open offering t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, teddy bears and more for your holiday gifting needs!

Check the Main Menu on the left side of our web site for the new menu choice: The Club Store! A percentage of each sale supports The Alaska Bird Club. Don't be the last one on your block to have real Alaska Bird Club merchandise! Visit soon and place your order

Voice mail contact number

The Alaska Bird Club has a dedicated voice mail number: (907) 868-9070

Club Documents

You can access club documents, including proposed changes to rules and procedures, from the "General Documents" page under Club Information.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is now open! Please submit your favorite birdie recipies to Jennifer at akbirdclub@yahoo.com so we can get them posted!


The Alaska Bird Club • P.O. Box 101825 • Anchorage AK 99510